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Need a Pest Control Company – Here is what to Look for

If you are experiencing a pest issue, it is time that you seek the service of professionals to help you deal with the problem. Pests are a great nuisance and they can cause destruction, are a health hazard and can bring sicknesses to people in the home. It is therefore wise to manage the situation as soon as it is discovered to prevent the issue from getting out of hand. It is advisable that one hires a reliable pest control service who will provide quality work. Otherwise getting just any company may end up costing one more for the work done will be poor and will need to be redone. Hence, if you are looking to hire a pest control company, here is what to look for.

The searchPest management

When searching for a company, a reliable way of finding a good company is by talking to people who you know may have had a pest issue and could have hired such companies. Get to know the service they hire, if they were satisfied with the work and whether they can recommend the company. Secondly, one can search for pest control company online within their local area such as Excellent Pest & Bed Bug Extermination Experts in Washington DC.

Research on the company

It is essential to conduct background checks on the company. This helps one to know how legitimate the company is. First, is the company licensed to operate? Checking with the state pesticide regulatory office will help one verify that the company is licensed. Secondly, what experience do they have, how long have they been in operation. The duration a company has been in business is an assurance that they have the skill and are capable of delivering good service.

Finally, check on the reputation. What do past clients have to say about the services they received. A company that has positive reviews is a good indication, stay away from companies that have negative feedback.

Insurance and bonding

Be sure to hire a company that has insurance and is bonded. This provision is a guarantee that if some kind of damages occurs in your home, one will be able to be compensated. Likewise, if there is an accident as the work is being done, one will not be liable, but the insurance will cover.


One needs to also find out about the safety policies of the company. What methods do they use for pest control, are they environmentally friendly pesticides? Does the staff wear protective gear as they work? One needs to be aware of the safety policies.

Cost and warranty

pest controlFinally, find out what the cost of the service will be. This will vary depending on the work that will be done. A company should send a team to inspect and assess the pest issues and provide a written estimate. One also needs to know about the warranty policy that the company has.